Galvanized steel

We offer our clients hot-dip galvanizing, at a low cost without compromise on high quality. Following treatment of steel by liquid zinc, an anti-corrosive coating with longevity of up to half a century is obtained. Compared to other forms of metal protection, such as a slightly cheaper galvanizing process for example, hot dip galvanizing remains unmatched. The resulting surface retains excellent properties, performing well in harsh conditions prevailing in an urban atmosphere. Professional hot-dip galvanizing includes many services: steel preparation (degreasing and, if necessary, etching and fluxing), hot-dip galvanizing, as well as professional material treatment following galvanizing. Affordable price and guarantee of efficiency will persuade you to take advantage of this offer. Contact us and find out about the cost of hot dip galvanizing the steel products in your possession.

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Galvanizing or hot dip galvanizing price?

To protect steel, galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing can be implemented. The first method differs by a relatively reduced cost: the price of such a zinc treatment is lower. This is due to the resulting properties – this is a thin layer with limited durability. Hot dip galvanizing of steel on the other hand guarantees several dozen years of perfect protection against corrosion. All parts are protected, including those with difficult access. Our Stal Impex plant, where this hot dip galvanizing process is carried out, is equipped with ultramodern equipment, thanks to which a warm, liquid zinc bath is made available. Galvanized steel treated with an impermeable layer will not require any maintenance and will not corrode for 30 or even 50 years. If you are interested in the price of hot dip galvanizing, please contact us. Keep in mind that paint coatings are not worth being considered as they only provide decent but short-lasting results. Hot dip galvanizing is a one-time expense that only brings benefits. By immersing steel in hot zinc, one creates a solid anti-corrosion layer, that will significantly increase metal strength. Many of our customers have come to realize that the cost of hot dip galvanizing is a worthy investment. Join the group of satisfied Stal Impex clients.


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