Stal Impex sp. z o.o.

Manufacturer of tubes, profiles and steel structures

Stal Impex is a company specialized in the production of highly processed steel products in the form of sections. We manufacture steel tubes and profiles – welded, also in galvanized, as well as polytunnels (professional and hobby), garage tents, gates and fences made without welding. The company’s headquarters are located in Krosno (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) and the steel tube production plant situated in Gorlice (Lesser Poland Voivodeship).


Pipes, profiles and angles

As a steel tube manufacturer, the company owns five technological lines for the production of tubes and profiles, and a longitudinal slitting line. This innovative equipment enables us to produce a wide range of products and process orders swiftly.

Profile trójkątne
producent rur stalowych


Pipes forming services

Tube processing services offered by Stal Impex include, among others, cutting, bending, tube end machining, CNC steel processing and muffling. These are additional services performed by our company, whose main activity is the production of steel tubes and profiles, as well as connecting elements.


Pipe and profile cutting

Steel pipe and profile cutting is implemented on every material produced by Stal Impex. The process is carried out on round tubes, square and rectangular profiles, flat bars, angles.

Stal Impex
Jak wznieść stabilny szkielet masywnej konstrukcji? Używając profili stalowych wysokiej jakości!


Steel constructions

Stal Impex Sp. z o.o. is also involved in the manufacturing of technologies and devices intended for the automation of the production process of polytunnels, garage tents, as well as storage tents. If you are a greenhouse or mobile tent manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place!

Our products

Steel tubes and profiles

Rura okrągła stalowa

Round steel pipes

Ø 14 - 76 mm

Rury stalowe płaskoowalne 30x10 - 60x30 mm - Stal Impex

Flat oval steel pipes

30x10 - 60x30 mm


Triangle steel pipes

56×34 mm


Square steel profiles

12×12 – 60×60 mm

Rury stalowe półowalne 30x10 - 40x30mm - Stal Impex

Semi-oval steel pipes

30x10 - 40x30 mm


Rectangular steel profiles

20×10 – 80×40 mm



30x15 - 41x15 mm


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