Tube bending steel

Bending of steel tubes and profiles allows us to produce identical series and unique elements. We work with the most modern CNC machines, which are very efficient and achieve high forming speed, which significantly accelerates the bending process of steel materials. With satisfaction of our clients in mind, we have developed a fair price list and a wide range of production possibilities. CNC bending of steel profiles and tubes enables us to achieve various surfaces, including spatial shapes, taking into account small details. With the help of CNC bending machines, we can form and roll tubes as ordered. An affordable price for a specialized service such as steel tube bending will favor further business cooperation. Contact our Stal Impex expert and get professional metal machining on CNC machines.

CNC Services

We bend steel profiles and tubes on CNC machines.
We will carry out any project!

With the introduction of CNC tube bending in our offer, the aim was to provide a comprehensive service for the customer. In this context, we can freely roll, bend and manufacture steel tubes, ensuring the replication of details – including very complex ones. The price of profile bending, and therefore changing a curve in accordance with any design, is always determined individually. A universal price list would not be suitable in this case. Bending steel tubes can have different degrees of difficulty, and every profile has different parameters and requires specific treatment. To request tubes and profiles on CNC machines bending services, just contact us. Our main sites are Krosno (company headquarters) and Gorlice (production plant). As Stal Impex’s main activity is the production of profiles, tubes and steel structures, we bend products with the highest accuracy. Still, the price for this service remains attractive. We also take care of short delivery terms, thanks to highly efficient CNC machines. Our qualified Stal Impex team uses only proven, reliable solutions. Our many years of experience on the market have lead us to incorporate the technical capabilities of modern CNC bending machines and the requirements of our clients. If you are interested in working with a company dealing with steel tube bending, we remain at your disposal for more information.


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