Pipe and profile cutting

Steel pipe and profile cutting is implemented on every material produced by Stal Impex. The process is carried out on round tubes, square and rectangular profiles, flat bars, angles. We provide cutting services of steel pipes and profiles with length ranging from 25 to 3650 mm.


Pipe and profile cutting

Stal Impex has been providing tubes processing services for more than two decades. Over this period, the company has gained valuable experience, and has also significantly expanded its machinery park. For years, we have been supplying small companies as well as huge corporations. Our reputation and stable position on the market mean that every order is a guarantee of a solid performance.


Steel pipe and profile cutting parameters

  • Longest cutting length: 3650 mm
  • Shortest cutting length: 25 mm
  • Thickest sheet: 3,0 mm
  • Cutting tolerance: ± 0,3 mm


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