Pipe calibration

Our Stal Impex production plant has been equipped with innovative machines enabling tube endforming. We carry out pipe calibration and crimping with the highest machining accuracy. We carry out orders regarding modifications of small as well as large diameters and various thicknesses. Endforming is an integral part of our production process, which is why we have considerable experience in this area. Services such as calibrating steel tubes have been an important part of our daily work for almost 25 years. Therefore, customers can expect reliable and professional execution of each order. Our equipment enables us to crimp tubes and tube end form with high precision. We introduced a wide offer of machining services based on a durable material (steel) and we are confident that any pipe calibration ordered will be carried out professionally and therefore meet your expectations

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We perform precise calibration and tube end forming

When tube forming is required, Stal Impex experts can assist you. Tube end reduction, crimping or calibrating are duties performed with great care. The tools from our machine park are well able to deal with non-standard orders. Therefore, we encourage all customers interested in professional forming of steel tubes to get in touch with us. Crimping and end reduction is done precisely with us, and cost of services depend on order specifications. Tubes, manufactured by Stal Impex, retain an optimal surface and do not lose their mechanical properties. We strive to ensure that shapes remain accurate, resulting in top quality structures. We are committed to form tubes with various parameters, so if you have doubts or want to ask a question, write or call us. We will prepare an individual valuation for tube calibration, crimping or endforming, and we will advise on the optimal method. In our production plant, forming steel tubes by crimping and reduction is regularly performed. We focus on reliability and time keeping, and all processes are strictly supervised by our staff, to avoid any mistake. We are awaiting for your orders!


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