Laser tube cutting

Within the services provided by Stal Impex, there is a particular one related to the comprehensive treatment of tubes and profiles that could not be omitted. We have expanded our offer with 3D laser cutting, carried out using the most modern cutters. This procedure is completely safe and supervised at every stage of production. Laser profile cutting provides a large spectrum of production possibilities: we cut steel structure elements with various parameters. 3D laser enables us to meet the highest expectations in terms of quality and supply precisely shaped steel. As part of laser cutting, we carry out work such as profile punching – also at an angle, according to rigorous safety standards. The process means that tubes can be used in almost every branch, especially in the furniture industry. When ordering laser cutting of profiles and tubes, you get the guarantee of a timely, professional service. We are renowned for: affordable price and excellent performance regarding precision.

New metal processing technology

Laser cutting of steel tubes and profiles

The wide possibilities offered by 3D laser lead to a significant improvement in relation to steel structure processing. Therefore, cutting tubes and profiles runs smoothly, sustaining perfect precision. We are not only able to operate the desired cuts, but also make durable connections and perforations of any shape. This so-called profile punching is of great interest regarding production of, among others, furniture and machine components. Thanks to 3D laser technology, this process is quick and accurate. Stal Impex’s headquarters are in Krosno, while laser cutting takes place in Gorlice. As a producer of steel tubes and profiles, we offer services with an affordable price list for steel processing. Our price for 3D laser cutting is competitive, always determined individually with the client, based on the provided technical documentation. At Stal Impex, we have been using a reliable technology for over 23 years, that translates into clean cutting of steel tubes and full replication of elements. We execute orders in optimal delays, depending on the complexity of structures. Furthermore, when instructing our specialists to laser cut tubes and profiles, you can complement with powder coating for example. We remain at your disposal to prepare an offer adapted to your needs. Consult our price list, including laser cutting of profiles and tubes, by contacting us by e-mail or phone.


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