Powder coating

Powder coating, combined with a conductive surface, creates a durable surface with a smooth structure. Powder coating carried out in our premises provides a great visual effect, and at the same time represents an ecological solution, providing protection against mechanical damage and chemical agents. Stal Impex offers powder coating of steel elements and structures. We care about affordable cost and high quality of services provided. If Krosno or Gorlice are not out of reach, we encourage you to cooperate. Our company has its headquarters in Krosno, with its production plant in Gorlice. We perform powder coating, applying this treatment in optimal conditions. We have at our disposal various professional equipment, including painting ovens, equipped with high-capacity chambers. Powder coating price depends, among others, on dimensions of structures that require painting.


What does powder coating of steel structures look like in Stal Impex?

Many customers wonder why services such as steel powder coating are so popular. The answer turns out to be simple: the finished products show excellent anti-corrosion parameters and resistance to mechanical damage. Powder coating, however, requires specialist knowledge and professional equipment. This process can only be carried out following strict rules, guaranteeing the end user’s safety and high quality of goods. At Stal Impex, powder coating begins with infrastructure preparation. Steel should be thoroughly cleaned, without overlooking any small signs of deterioration. Then degreasing, dusting and sanding are performed. The metal is treated with an anti-corrosive layer. Powder coating of steel can also be preceded by phosphating or chromating, which further increases paint adhesion and prevents corrosion. The cost of powder coating is set individually with the client. Many factors come into play, such as geometrical complexity of structures, specifications and dimensions. The resulting treatment will produce a perfectly smooth surface, free from deformation, and above all, with improved long service life. Powder coating of steel offered by Stal Impex is carried out by trained employees. Our production plant is located in Gorlice, Poland, with Krosno as the company’s headquarters. Contact us to discuss the details of your order and engage with us for powder coating of steel structures.


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