Tube welding

We provide a professional service of steel tube welding. We use proven methods, allowing us to obtain the highest quality welds. Each welded connection performed in our factory is carried out under the supervision of a specialized employee. As steel tube connection by welding requires knowledge of material and technology, we regularly participate in training sessions and expand our knowledge on this topic. We offer customers welding of steel pipes based on the documentation provided or our own project. If parts cannot be connected, joining by welding is the optimal and most durable solution. Especially if the contractor possess modern welding equipment for the production of even the most complex steel products. Please contact a Stal Impex representative!


Connecting steel tubes by welding

We work with machines featuring excellent parameters, ensuring tight and durable joints of steel structures. Welding of tubes makes it possible to merge parts with other elements, while maintaining high precision. Our company Stal Impex has equipped its machine park with renowned welding equipment, meaning we can efficiently combine steel with different parameters. We weld steel tubes, including galvanized. Depending on order specifications, we carefully select a method that will allow us to achieve the desired effect.


The latest technologies guarantee durable welds

Ordering steel tube welding with Stal Impex is a fully professional process – our production plant has been equipped with machines guaranteeing high quality of welds. Welding services provided by Stal Impex are not only reliable, but also affordable. Get the details by contacting our specialist by email or phone. We will prepare a quote and after acceptation, we will proceed with the order immediately. Welding of steel pipes is now a permanent part of our offer. We do not apprehend materials of various sizes, including those atypical, requiring the implementation of highly specialized methods. At Stal Impex, you will find professionals ready to answer every question. Ask us about welding steel tubes and see for yourself that in terms of welding, we are second to none.


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