Pipes and profiles

The products are welded, made of hot-rolled, cold-rolled or galvanized steel. The wide range of products enables various applications in every industry. Use of closed profiles in the following industries:

  • building – elements of frames and structures
  • telecommunications – structures and fittings
  • road – accessories and equipment for urban spaces
  • furniture – installations, constructions and frames (storage racks, chairs, benches, wardrobes, desks, etc.)
  • gardening – frames of garden structures (greenhouses, containers, tanks)

Our Products

Steel tubes and profiles

Rura okrągła stalowa

Round steel pipes

Ø 14 - 76 mm

Rury stalowe płaskoowalne 30x10 - 60x30 mm - Stal Impex

Flat oval steel pipes

30x10 - 60x30 mm


Triangle steel pipes

56×34 mm


Square steel profiles

12×12 – 60×60 mm

Rury stalowe półowalne 30x10 - 40x30mm - Stal Impex

Semi-oval steel pipes

30x10 - 40x30 mm


Rectangular steel profiles

20×10 – 80×40 mm



30x15 - 41x15 mm

Steel tubes, profiles

Steel grades used for production:

DC01, DD11, S235, S355, DX51D, S220GD, S250GD, S350GD, S320GD; E195, E275, E355, E320, E370, E420, DOCOL, H260LA; H300LA; H340LA

Cross-sections of tubes and profiles offered:

round, square, rectangular, flat oval, semi-oval, ellipse, triangular, special.

Wall thickness and diameters of steel tubes:

from 0,7 mm up to 3,0 mm

Φ from 14 up to 76,1 mm


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